- albert-battaglin consulting group

  Dr. David Albert    
    Dr. Albert has been a key contributor in developing and marketing the major turnkey CAD/CAM systems available today. He has worked either leading development teams or heading marketing activities since 1969. He was part of the team leading the development of Computervision's CADDS product line and was instrumental in establishing Computervision's leadership position in the mechanical market. During the mid 70's, Dr. Albert and his team developed Calma's mechanical product which accounted for the majority of Calma's revenues in the early 1980's. Dr. Albert, as Vice President of Marketing for Calma's Mechanical Division, charted Calma's sales and marketing strategies and defined the directions for product development. Dr. Albert was a founder and president of Vulcan Software, Inc. which developed solid modeling software for mechanical design. After eighteen months of operation and delivery of its first product set, Daisy Systems Corporation acquired Vulcan Software. Dr. Albert continued as the general manager of Daisy's ElectroMechanical Division, building specialized mechanical products for the electronics industry. In 1986, Mr. Albert founded the Albert Consulting Group which provides services to the engineering and manufacturing industry. The Albert Consulting Group is comprised of a group of experienced consultants who have been users, developers and marketers of CAD/CAM systems for 5 to 20 years. In addition, the Albert Consulting Group is active in producing software for CAD/CAM and graphics applications.
  Mr. Bernard Battaglin    
    Bernard H. Battaglin, BS ME/CS has specialized in the application of computer technology to solve design and manufacturing problems since 1980, when he evaluated and selected CAD systems for the Buick Motor Division of General Motors. He specified and developed design and analysis software both for the RCA Astro Electronics Company and as group leader for Storage Technology Corporation. He joined Dr. Albert at Vulcan Software and went on to Daisy as marketing Product Manager for electro-mechanical and technical publications products. In Europe, Mr. Battaglin served as international-coordinator for the EU development project RMP bringing electronic commerce technology into rural areas. He was also co-founder of the SKIL project, an international consortium of PLM users working together to adapt a new knowledge based PLM technology.

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